In Handala’s Playground: Season 1, Episode 2. 

Singing With Aisha

Handala: Hey, you must be Aisha! I’m Handala, nice to meet you. 

Aisha: Hi, you know my name! Do you know everything about me too?

Handala: Almost! I know that you got shot by an Israeli sniper just outside your uncle’s house in Khan Yunus . 

Aisha: He shot me in the chest 3 times. My uncle said the soldier was looking to kill babies.

Handala: I watched a video with that soldier.

Aisha: Whaat!

Handala: Oh, yeah, he said he killed a 12 year old girl. He was laughing, but  it wasn’t funny at all.  

Aisha: Can’t believe that , may I watch it? 

Handala: are you sure you want to see it ? It’s awful and hurts!

Aisha: Yes

Handala: Here’s YouTube link

After watching the video, Aisha became upset and started crying 😢

Handala: So sorry, I knew, it’s not easy.

Aisha: yeah, he was too happy, it’s hard to watch …

Handala: Child killers! You are not on your own, I saw many kids who were shot by the IOF.

Aisha: You’re shot too? 

Handala: No, I left Palestine when I was 10 and stayed like that. Let’s stop talking about shooting.

Aisha: Okey, no worries, do you have any hobbies?  

Handala:  I used to draw cartoons, but I stopped doing it. You like music, right ? 

Aisha: I like music and singing too.  

Handala: Do you have a favourite song?

Aisha: ‘Shouting at the Wall’

Handala: For Mc Abdul! I like it too. It’s a famous song on YouTube , if you wish we can sing it together?

Aisha: Okey, but don’t laugh! 

Handala: Haha,  can’t promise, just joking! Here’s
YouTube link

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