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Palestinian Artists
Instagram @malakmattarart

Palestine is a nation that is abundant with culture, heritage and history. Paying homage to their homeland, art is a form of celebration and embracing their roots for many Palestinians, with creativity that knows no bounds. With that, GRAZIA brings you 10 Palestinian artists to follow.


Palestinian Artists
Instagram @sliman.mansour

One of the most renowned modern Palestinian artists is Sliman Mansour. His art is largely regarded as a cultural commentary on the Palestinian experience of the 20thcentury. He has received numerous honours for his art over his life, including the Grand Nile Prize at the Seventh Cairo Biennial in 2019, the Palestine Prize for Visual Art in 1998 and the UNESCO-Sharjah Prize for Arab Culture in 2019.


Instagram @malakmattarart

Malak Mattar is a young Palestinian artist. Mattar has become well-known throughout the world for her personal and expressive artworks. She illustrates the realities of Palestinians and the effects of conflict on children using a variety of media, such as painting, drawing and digital art. Themes like resiliency, optimism and the desire for independence are frequently explored throughout Mattar’s artwork. Her art has been displayed both in Palestine and internationally.


Instagram @hazemharb

Visual artist Hazem Harb moved to Rome from Gaza to attend The European Institute of Design, where he earned his MFA. Gaza will always be more than a country when it comes to his work. His work combines academics, architecture, environmental elements and social and cultural links.


Instagram @albaba.alaa

Born in Jerusalem in 1985, Alaa Albaba began his artistic career at the Visual Arts Forum in 2008. Following his graduation from the International Academy of Contemporary Art Palestine in 2015, he has participated in numerous shows both domestically and abroad as a result of his artistic pursuits. His most well-known project, “The Fish Path” (2015–2017), involved painting eighteen murals that covered Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine.


Instagram @saj_issa

Saj Issa, is a multidisciplinary Arab-American artist who holds a master’s degree in fine arts from UCLA. Born in St.Louis, her complex childhood summers spent in Palestine are revealed via the utilization of Eastern architectural elements, tradition and iconism. Her art elucidates similarities between the East and the West.


Instagram @narmeenh.illustrations

Narmeen Hamadeh is an illustrator whose work creates a unique aesthetic that speaks to issues of culture, activism and the interest in beauty. She was born in Riyadh to Palestinian parents. Her artistic creations generally honour Palestinian colloquialisms and the distinct expressions of children from multiple cultural backgrounds.


Instagram @palestinianartist

German-Palestinian artist Halima Aziz highlights Palestine’s rich history and present-day conflicts in her artwork. Her work is a moving testament to the power of art to tell complex stories and promote cultural understanding in addition to showcasing her extraordinary talent.


Palestinian Artists
Instagram @hoist_thecolors

Hadil is a Palestinian artist who specializes in illustration and visual storytelling. She is passionate about using digital art to promote social justice and human rights, with a particular emphasis on the Palestinian struggle.


Palestinian Artists
Instagram @sarahbahbah

Sarah Bahbah is a Palestinian artist presently living and working in Los Angeles. Her art focuses on the psyche of the contemporary woman. A significant number of her artworks are in the style of photo essays that centre around a specific theme or story.


Palestinian Artists
Instagram @samo_shalaby

Samo Shalaby, an Egyptian-Palestinian artist, has made a name for himself. He experiments with many mediums and adds a theatrical element to his pieces, including jewellery, stage design and costume design.

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