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Wales, Apartheid and Palestine

06 Jan 2024  Source In this article the Palestine Solidarity Campaign groups in Wales explore Wales’ proud history in opposing apartheid in South Africa. They consider whether Wales can still feel proud considering that we have collectively buried our heads in the … Continue reading

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”Where is everyone else “


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We need an exodus from Zionism 

Source Watch Naomi Klein This Passover, we don’t need or want the false idol of Zionism. We want freedom from the project that commits genocide in our name Wed 24 Apr 2024 09.27 I’ve been thinking about Moses, and his … Continue reading

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“The Bulldozer Kept Coming”: A Girl Stares Down Death in Gaza

The extraordinary story of a 14-year-old, her mother, and what happened when the Israeli military came to destroy their house. LUJAYN, 24/4/24 Source This story was originally written in Arabic by a 14-year-old Palestinian girl in Gaza named Lujayn. Along … Continue reading

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The Canaanite Legacy: Power of the Eagle and Beauty of the Lily

Voice of Palestine , 21/04/24 The eagle, symbolizing power, and the lily, representing beauty, emerged as the predominant emblems across numerous nations, highlighting the widespread influence of the Canaanites. Displayed above is an image of the Canaanite shekel coin, a … Continue reading

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“No Palestinian is safe under Israel’s racist apartheid rule.”

Watch Israeli police arrested the internationally renowned feminist Palestinian academic Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian at her home in Jerusalem on Thursday on charges of incitement to violence. Shalhoub-Kevorkian, who holds both Israeli and U.S. citizenship, was suspended by Hebrew University last month … Continue reading

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Israel’s Constant Violation of International Law

Voice of Palestine, 23/03/24 In the so called international relations, the concept of sovereignty and adherence to international law are foundational principles that guide the behavior of nations. However, for decades, Israel has faced accusations of operating with impunity and … Continue reading

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Source This gem came actually came through another one, as it was Nabila Mango who took me to the fundraiser where Chris Gazaleh was a guest speaker. Nabila is the founder of Aswat ensembles and a pillar in her community … Continue reading

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Brian Mast: A Terrorist & American Congressman, Who Supports Starving and Killing Palestinian Children

Watch also 2

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”Netanyahu, Stop Murdering Innocent People”

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