Israel’s Constant Violation of International Law

Voice of Palestine, 23/03/24

In the so called international relations, the concept of sovereignty and adherence to international law are foundational principles that guide the behavior of nations. However, for decades, Israel has faced accusations of operating with impunity and being perceived as above international law, particularly in its treatment of the Palestinian people and its actions in the occupied territories.

One of the most glaring examples of Israel’s exceptionalism is its continued illegal occupation of Palestine, in defiance of numerous United Nations resolutions and international law. Since the Six-Day War in 1967, Israel has maintained control over the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip, despite the unequivocal condemnation of the international community and the legal consensus that these territories are occupied under international law.

The construction and expansion of illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied territories represent another clear violation of international law. The Fourth Geneva Convention prohibits the transfer of civilian populations into occupied territories, yet Israel has persistently defied this prohibition, leading to the establishment of numerous illegal settlements that have displaced Palestinian communities and encroached upon their land.

Furthermore, Israel’s brutal military actions in the occupied territories, including torture, targeted killings, collective punishment, sexual assaults and excessive use of force against Palestinian civilians are obvious examples of breaking international humanitarian law. The disproportionate use of force during military operations, such as the 2014 Gaza war, which killed over 2,000 Palestinians, including many civilians, has been condemned by human rights organizations and the international community. 

The current Israeli crimes since 7/10/24 are not only remained unpunished but assisted by the western governments despite  the ongoing blockade of Gaza, inhumane starvation of citizens and televised genocide where around 32000 people were killed including  25000 children and women and more than 70000 Palestinians were injured. This has been happening alongside total destruction of almost entire infrastructure of Gaza. One can’t  imagine what would happen if a single hospital or school or university  in Israel or any western country was targeted and destroyed by a military group.  On the other hand, these war crimes in Gaza are said to have been taking place  on daily basis and have become ‘normalised’ and without any accountability from the perpetrators or their supporters despite the ICJ ruling in this regard.

The issue of accountability is another area where Israel has been accused of evading international scrutiny and accountability for its actions. Despite numerous allegations of war crimes and human rights abuses, Israel has faced no consequences for its brutal actions in the occupied territories. The United States, Israel’s staunch ally, has consistently wielded its veto power in the United Nations Security Council to shield Israel from condemnation and accountability, further reinforcing the reality of Israeli exceptionalism.

Moreover, Israel’s treatment of Palestinian prisoners, detainees and hostages, including children, has been criticized by human rights organizations and legal experts for violating all international norms and standards. Reports of torture, ill-treatment, sexual assaults, rapes, and arbitrary detention of innocent Palestinians in Israeli prisons have proved Israel’s non-compliance with international human rights law and the Geneva Conventions.

In response to allegations of exceptionalism and impunity, Israel has often cited ‘security concerns’ and the need to defend itself against ‘terrorism’ as justification for its actions. However, critics argue that Israel’s security imperatives do not absolve it from its obligations under international law, and that its policies and practices in the occupied territories constitute apartheid regime with systematic violations of the rights of the Palestinian people whose security has been violated by IOF and the ongoing attacks on Palestinian citizens by the terrorist Israeli settlers.

As the debate over Israel’s exceptionalism continues, it is imperative for the international community to uphold the principles of accountability, justice, and the rule of law. Israel must be sanctioned and held accountable for its actions in the occupied territories, and efforts to address impunity and promote respect for international law must be pursued with urgency and determination. Only through adherence to these principles can a just and lasting resolution to the longstanding Israeli occupation of Palestine be achieved, and the rights, freedom and dignity of Palestinian people be guaranteed and safeguarded as soon as possible. 


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