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7 Palestinian Artists You Need To Know About

Art can change the world, and as these Palestinian artists are proof, it can also unravel the path to healing, transformation and greater understanding By Maghie Ghali  October 31, 2023 With the humanitarian crisis that has engulfed Gaza for decades, it’s … Continue reading

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Mansour’s Gallery 1

Use the slideshow to see more pictures 1

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In Handala’s Playground, Season 1, Episode 3

Watching Football Asif: Hello, you’re Handala! I can see your face. How is that? Handala: Sorry, forgot to turn around. See you later! Asif: Please don’t go! Handala: I’m late, I need to check on my friends at home. Asif: … Continue reading

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Culture Of Peace In The Light Of Globalization

Hani Smirat Social experiments and theories have proven the existence of a dialectic that humanity has lived and is experiencing, which is the dialectic of war and peace. Schools and opinions have differed in defining the concept of peace throughout … Continue reading

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Blood Money Politicians 

Some politicians are doing a terrible thing – they’re getting rich from wars. They encourage fights and wars just to fill their own pockets, and the last thing they think about is the lives that get ruined in wars. These … Continue reading

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Leve Palestina

Arabic version

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Escape To Death

Four Timeless Pictures From Auschwitz Hani Smirat Courage is the price that life sets for granting peace. This is the wonderful saying of the American Amelia Earhart. This woman inspired every person who dreams and aspires to change. Courage: is … Continue reading

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Israeli Occupation Forces Specialise In Killing and Disabling Palestinian Children

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Apology from a British MP


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The Gang Mentality Of The Israeli Occupation Army

The way the Israeli occupation army acts harshly in the current conflict in Gaza shows a kind of “gang mentality” in their thinking. To understand this behavior, we have to look at the strong influence of the main groups that … Continue reading

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