The Gang Mentality Of The Israeli Occupation Army

The way the Israeli occupation army acts harshly in the current conflict in Gaza shows a kind of “gang mentality” in their thinking. To understand this behavior, we have to look at the strong influence of the main groups that formed this army. This army was created by bringing together notable Zionist terrorist gangs like Haganah, Irgun, Palmach, and Stern (Lehi), which played a big role before Israel was formed, helping it achieve its political and strategic goals.

These gangs included European mercenaries without moral limits and used harsh and bloody tactics to carry out the Nakba crime. This involved using bombs to destroy everything in Palestinian life and committing mass killings against civilians, including women and children. After Israel was declared in 1948, the Israeli army “regularised ” by including members of these gangs in its structure.

It seems like the Occupation army continues to follow its aggressive path, bringing back the spirit of those gangs in all their negative aspects.

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  1. Mark says:

    This is a nicely written article describing the terrorist Israeli gangs that occupied the Palestinian land. Well done and keep disclosing the apartheid system with my best wishes to it to come to an end.


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