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A Unified Palestinian Vision or the Birth of a New Political Reality??

Lawyer Salah Ali Moussa, 31/03/24 The Palestinian leaders and a number of writers and thinkers tended to call for the necessity of building a unified strategy to confront the aggression and the danger of the stage. Some believe that this … Continue reading

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The Legacy of the Black and Tans From Ireland to Palestine

Voice of Palestine, 30/03/24 The terrorist paramilitary force of Black and Tans, notorious for their brutal tactics during times of colonialism , hold a dark place in the histories of both Ireland and Palestine. Originating as a paramilitary force deployed … Continue reading

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The Blindboy Podcast

A podcast by an Irish man who explains the reason why the Irish feel so strongly about what has happened in Palestine and much of it is because of the shared history in that Balfour and Churchill were both involved … Continue reading

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Genocide continues in Gaza despite the ICJ’s decisions …

Voice of Palestine , 29/03/24 Use the slideshow to see more 1

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First Recognize Palestinian Humanity 

  Dr. James J. Zogby President of Arab American Institute  Guys in white shirts and ties in Washington and their counterparts in Israel are sitting around tables making plans for what they want to see after Israel ends its genocidal assault … Continue reading

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American Complicity in Genocide

Free American license to kill.Free American weapons to kill.Free American taxpayer’s loan to kill.Free American PR machine to twist the truth.Free American shielding from ICJ.Free American veto to protect a gang of psychopaths and baby killers. 1

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“Stop Netanyahu’s cruel war on Gaza children”


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“The U.S. and Israel are rogue states”

Arnauld Bertrand Watch Since the beginning, it’s been obvious that Gaza was in many ways a fight between International Law and the US’s “rules-based order”. This whole episode around the UN resolution is a perfect illustration of this. There is … Continue reading

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Ending complicity and genocide


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From Manchester with love

Voice of Palestine 1

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