A Unified Palestinian Vision or the Birth of a New Political Reality??

Lawyer Salah Ali Moussa, 31/03/24

The Palestinian leaders and a number of writers and thinkers tended to call for the necessity of building a unified strategy to confront the aggression and the danger of the stage. Some believe that this is possible if the will, desire and decision of the parties are present. Some of them called for the formation of a unified national leadership, some of them called for the reform of the PLO, and some of them said that The embodiment of the state is a choice.

Let us review where each Palestinian faction stands in this existential battle, where the Arab countries stand in light of the aggression, where America stands, and how it sees the solution? How does Israel view the Palestinian issue after October 7?

The President says that Hamas must recognize the resolutions of international legitimacy and adhere to the obligations of the Liberation Organization, and that this is the national program. Hamas says that it is committed to the national reconciliation program and that this stage requires partnership and not a frame of reference based on commitments that have been overtaken by events and no longer exist. Its position is that if Hamas wanted to recognize the commitments of the PLO, it would have recognized them in isolation from the PLO and would have become the address of all international and Arab parties and easily become a representative of the Palestinian people. Therefore, what the president is asking for is disconnected from reality. Dahlan finds that the war is an opportunity for him to return to the forefront of leadership.

The Arabs, led by Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and the Emirates, see Hamas as part of the Iranian axis and that it should not be granted any political victory, so I advised the authority, Dahlan, Fayyad, Al-Qudwa, and Marwan Barghouti to engage in a unified framework. There is no objection to Hamas joining through figures affiliated with it in the proposed system, or joining after being stripped of its power. Its strength elements. 

As for America, it believes that there is no solution to the Palestinian issue except a state devoid of national fat, and that talking about an independent state within comprehensive regional arrangements does not go beyond the deal of the century in its essence, meaning that it does not want to achieve any achievement for Hamas and the Palestinian people through what President Biden called the renewable authority. 

As for Israel no longer sees any horizon for any political solution to the Palestinian issue, and there is no alternative to administrative solutions in which the Authority is liquidated in its current form. In the event of the defeat of Hamas, the next day will be life alternatives that will occupy people in Gaza for at least ten years to search for new conditions of life, as for the West Bank. With time, life conditions become harsh and people leave voluntarily.

As for a number of Palestinian parties and movements, and a number of Palestinian and Arab writers and thinkers, they called for the formation of a unified national leadership that would transcend the state of exclusivity in Palestinian decision-making and not keep it in the hands of the president and the staff surrounding him.

The president is haunted by fear of Hamas’ desire to control the PLO, and he believes that by adhering to the conditions for Hamas’ accession to the PLO, he is guaranteed to be rejected by Hamas, and thus he remains safe from Hamas’s burden at this stage, because Hamas did not accept the Quartet’s conditions before the war. Will it accept after the war? 

Hamas does not pay attention to the president’s demands. What matters to Hamas is to stop targeting civilians and stop the policy of starvation against the people of Gaza so that it can focus on resistance work. Hamas does not care about who delivers aid to the Palestinian people, but not at the expense of Hamas as an honorable body, so Israel is within the framework of its understanding of this. 

In recent days, the dynamic has focused on assassinating members of Hamas who supervise the distribution of aid in preparation for the emergence of one or other parties to take responsibility for managing aid in the Gaza Strip. This means that after failing to eliminate the military structure of Hamas, Israel seeks to dismantle the civilian structure in the hope of separating the civil structure from the military so that it can focus on military action, and with time it isolates Hamas from people’s lives and thus disintegrates Hamas and jihad with the passage of time.

On the other hand, Dahlan considered the aggression against Gaza to be an opportunity for him, and as long as America has the solution in hand, it is through America that a comprehensive framework can be formulated to launch a comprehensive financial, political and security package in Palestine and the entire region. Therefore, it was leaked that Dahlan took the initiative to persuade Hamas to establish the port in the hope that the port will turn To one of the symbols of Palestinian sovereignty later. 

On the other hand, whoever proposes the idea of ​​establishing a unified national leadership does not have the tools or capabilities on the ground because all the regional and international parties do not find this proposal any chance of success, so every team and party seeks to crystallize an approach that serves its interests and ambitions. Although it is a useful idea in the collective sense, it does not have two legs to stand on, because the president rejects it and Hamas does not find it worthy at this stage, and because the Arabs do not want a unified Palestinian framework because that distances parties and brings Hamas closer to decision-making.

America opened channels of dialogue with all Palestinian parties, using the Arab countries as a lever for its efforts. On the one hand, it asks the authority for reform and says that there are noticeable steps achieved by the authority. It knows that the president did not take any fundamental step that was asked of him, and that changing the government is the only demand that he implemented, and he appointed a person who was not acceptable to either an American or an Arab. He did not appoint a deputy, did not stop paying the salaries of martyrs and prisoners, did not make any change to the educational curricula, did not unify the security services, and did not reform the judiciary in a clearer sense. He still exercises absolute powers in managing the Palestinian issue. So why does America say that Did the authority make reforms? Is this accompanied by Jack Chumi’s statement that Abu Mazen is an obstacle to reform and must leave? On the other hand, America is communicating with Dahlan and coordinating with him on the port issue, and is pushing for an Arab-Israeli partnership through Saudi-Israeli normalization as a culmination of ending the aggression against Gaza? 

America is exercising the role of decision-maker even in the details of military operations in the Gaza Strip, as if it were the one managing the war and determining the objectives of each stage of the war in order to achieve the political goals it desires. The majority leader in Congress even called for early elections in Israel.

Israel is holding meetings, as leaked from more than one source, with Major General Majid Faraj to manage the aid file and control security in the Gaza Strip. At the same time, it is holding other meetings with Dahlan for the same purpose and objective, and is asking businessman Bashar Al-Masry to have a role in the Gaza Strip. This is all according to what was reported by the Wall Street Journal. Journal.

Through these leaks, Israel may be seeking to harm the national structure and cause damage to the reputation of those whose names were leaked. They may not have held any meetings with the Israeli side, which is an attempt to harm their national and social standing. Their names will be published so that the Palestinians exhaust their efforts in quarreling and even clashing between them.

The president believes that he has the key to the decision by refusing to cooperate with Hamas and Dahlan, and rejecting Arab and international pressures. He says that as long as I am the address, they cannot bypass me. Dahlan says that he is working as if the president and the authority do not exist, and as long as the Arabs, America, and Hamas are, to a certain extent, ready to cooperate, the role of the president and the authority will erode, and they will find themselves faced with realities. They cannot bypass it, even the government led by Muhammad Mustafa will fail because it will not work in the sector.

Jordan, on the one hand, lets the Authority do what it wants in order to maintain the stability of the situation in the West Bank. On the other hand, it engages with the American and Arab efforts and Dahlan’s efforts for the next day. As for Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, and Egypt, what is important to them is that Hamas does not prevail politically and let America put pressure on Qatar to make Hamas submit to American demands for the next day. The end of the war, as if the battle being waged today was not over a prisoner exchange contract, the return of the displaced from the south of the Gaza Strip to the north, and stopping the war, but rather approving a deal the day after the war. No one tells us that all these American and European tours to the region are only being held  for truce arrangements, the exchange of prisoners, and the return. The displaced people and the delivery of aid, we believe that these are deep and strategic arrangements to make Israel victorious and defeat Iran and its axis. Therefore, there will be no unified Palestinian vision as long as we are disintegrated to this extent and in this way, either by our own hands or through Arab or international efforts. Building a unified Palestinian vision requires a special miracle, and that every side sees it. It is the most concerned about the interests of the Palestinian people, and the Arabs have a complex of political Islam and do not see any possibility of reconciliation with it, and they fear Iran more than Israel. 

It is the steadfastness of the Palestinian people and their leadership on the ground that will decide the results of this confrontation, and a new political reality must be born, with which many parties will be absent and others’ status will be elevated .


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