Israel continues attack on al-Shifa Hospital with systemic violence

Nora Barrows-FriedmanRights and Accountability21 March 2024

A white donkey pulls a cart with people in it, including young children
Palestinians from the area around al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City are being forced to flee to southern Gaza, 18 March. Naaman OmarAPA images

Israeli forces have continued their siege and attacks on al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City for the fourth consecutive day.

On Thursday, the Israeli army detonated and completely destroyed the specialized surgery building, which it had already bombed and set on fire on Monday.

During the ongoing raid, the Israeli army prevented doctors and medical staff from treating their patients, resulting in more than a dozen deaths.

The Government Media Office in Gaza statedthat “doctors and nurses were arrested and removed from the departments and forced to strip off their clothes, and prevented from reaching the patient rooms to attempt to save them.”

Israel’s army, the media office added, is “systematically and deliberately committing the crime [of] genocide with premeditated intention, and is committing horrendous and clear crimes against humanity by using the weapon of starving the sick and wounded, and practicing deliberate medical negligence against them, the rest of the medical and nursing staff, and the displaced people inside the compound


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