The Spanish Consulate in Jerusalem- A Legacy Older than Israel

AstroMystic, 21/06/24

The Spanish Consulate in Jerusalem, established nearly 150 years ago, is the city’s oldest foreign diplomatic mission, predating the bloody establishment of the State of Israel. Initially located in the Old City, it moved to Sheikh Jarrah in the 20th century. The current building, built in 1955, is leased from the Armenian “Sevzetyan” family and lies near the former East-West Jerusalem boundary. Despite Spain not recognizing Israel until 1986, the consulate has continually operated, issuing numerous travel visas to Palestinians in 2023 alone.

Following Spain’s recognition of an independent Palestinian state on May 28, 2024, Israel demanded the consulate stop serving Palestinians, threatening closure if it maintained contact with the Palestinian Authority. Spanish Foreign Minister José Manuel emphasized the consulate’s long-standing presence, predating Israel’s establishment.

The consulate’s history has been marked by several incidents. In January 1948, the vice-consul and acting consul, Manuel AllasasSalazar, was killed when Zionist gangs bombed the Semiramis Hotel in the Qatamon neighborhood of West Jerusalem. Furthermore, in 1985, Zionist settlers vandalized the consul’s car as retaliation for Spain’s recognition of the Palestine Liberation Organization. These events highlight the consulate’s vulnerable position amidst the complexities of the Israeli occupation of Palestine

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