If you find yourself alone

Mahmoud Darwish

If you find yourself alone, tell yourself: 
Exile has altered its features… 
Wasn't Abu Tammam afflicted before you 
when he met himself: 
'You are not you and 
home is not home…' 
Things carry your patriotic feelings for you: 
A wild flower grows in your deserted corner, 
a sparrow pecks the letter 'H' 
of your name into the broken bark 
of a fig tree 
and a bee stings your outstretched hand 
as you reach for the goose down 
on the other side of that fence. 
And as for you: 
The mirror has let you down, 
you…and not you, say: 
'Where have I left my face? ' 
You search beyond everyday things 
for your feelings, 
a happiness that cries and 
a disappointment that chuckles… 
Have you found yourself now? 
Tell yourself: I found myself alone, 
missing two moons, 
but home is home.

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Youth's poetry ignites my quest, Against oppression, I protest. In Palestine's struggle, voices rise, For freedom, peace, justice, my cries.
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