Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS)

The Palestinian BDS National Palestinian society that is leading the global Committee (BNC), the largest coalition in Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, salutes activists, organizations and institutions worldwide that have genocide in Gaza by escalating boycott and urgent struggle to stop Israel’s unfolding expressed meaningful solidarity with our divestment campaigns.

The spreading multinational corporations can be effective if boycotts of complicit Israeli and done strategically. Ending all state, corporate and institutional complicity with Israel’s genocidal regime is more urgent than ever. Our lives and livelihoods literally depend on it.

Targeted Boycotts vs. Non-targeted

Rightfully shattered, enraged, and People of conscience around the world are sometimes feeling powerless. Many feel compelled to boycott any and all products and services of companies tied in any way to Israel. The proliferation of extensive “boycott lists” on social media is an example of this. The question is how to make boycotts effective and actually have an impact in
holding corporations accountable for their complicity in the suffering of Palestinians? The BDS movement uses the historically successful method of targeted boycotts inspired by the South African anti-apartheid the Indian anti-colonial struggle, among movement, the US Civil Rights movement, others worldwide.

We must strategically focus on a relatively smaller number of carefully selected impact. Companies that play a clear and companies and products for maximum direct role in Israel’s crimes and where there is real potential for winning, as was the case with, among others, G4S, Veolia, Orange, Ben & Jerry’s and Pillsbury.

Compelling such huge, complicit companies, through strategic and context-sensitive boycott and divestment campaigns, to end crimes against Palestinians sends a very their complicity in Israeli apartheid and war powerful message to hundreds the complicit companies that “your time will
come, so get out before it’s too late!”

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