Ancient Script of God’s Command 

Arieh King; the deputy Mayor of Jerusalem wrote “He works to eliminate the Muslim Nazis in Gaza . We have to pick up the pace. If I had to decide, I would jump for and put them behind the dirt hills. I would burry all these hundreds of ants alive. They are not human beings and they are not human animals, they are sub-human, and this is how they should be treated. A protest in memory of Amalek we will not forget”. 

In the scrolls of old, God’s decree unfolds,
A tale so dark, where vengeance molds.
Saul, a puppet in the divine script,
“Kill them all,” a command to crypt.

Man, woman, infant, and suckling too,
A Godly order, a sinister brew.
3000 years passed, in the dusty tome,
Yet Arieh King, in the present, roams.

Mocking the past with a venomous pen,
“Eliminate Muslim Nazis,” he chants again.
Jump for joy, bury them deep,
Sub-human ants, in darkness sleep.

A protest for Amalek, an absurd recall,
In the city’s air, a mocking squall.
God’s command to Saul, a ruthless dance,
A slaughter urged, in a biblical trance.

How recall a massacre, ancient and cold,
Seek revenge on a nation, stories old?
German death camps, a chilling scar,
Yet mythical tales, they boast bizarre.

Befriending foes, or so they say,
Slaughtering innocents, day by day.
Zionists cling to a past surreal,
While Gaza’s cries, a deafening peal.

Remembering ancient myths with a smirk,
Ignoring recent wounds, in a heartless dirk.
Countless massacres, a forgotten theme,
Gaza’s ongoing tragedy, a nightmare in dreams.

In the dance of memory, a twisted trance,
Zionist minds in a ruthless advance.
Surreal stories, unfounded and grand,
While Gaza weeps in the bloodied sand.

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Youth's poetry ignites my quest, Against oppression, I protest. In Palestine's struggle, voices rise, For freedom, peace, justice, my cries.
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