Al-Dawayima’s Painful Legacy

The al-Dawayima massacre describes the killing of civilians by the Israeli Occupation Force (IOF) that took place in the Palestinian town of al-Dawayima on October 29, 1948, during the 1948 Arab–Israeli War.

In Al-Dawayima’s ancient grip,
Umar’s conquest, Ahdibs’ lineage trip.
Operation Yoav, October’s strife,
Shattered lives, a battlefield of life.

Bitter echoes, al-Dawayima’s scream,
145 lives lost, a haunting dream.
Benny Morris dares to portray,
Justice elusive, pain echoes today.

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Youth's poetry ignites my quest, Against oppression, I protest. In Palestine's struggle, voices rise, For freedom, peace, justice, my cries.
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