America’s Genocidal Veto 

The U.S. vetoed a resolution calling for a ceasefire in Gaza put forward by the United Arab Emirates and backed by more than 110 Member States at a meeting in New York City. Compared to 13 council members’ votes in favour, the U.S. was the sole veto.

Power’s halls, veto decree,
Gaza echoes, plea’s plea.
Palestinian strife, world looks on,
UN’s freeze, justice withdrawn.

US shield, wrong narrative,
Israeli force, tide imperative.
Humanity weeps, justice denied,
Council’s shadow, where hopes subside.

Nations five, interests command,
Veto’s power, system in disdain.
Hope persists, justice to share,
End darkness, embrace the light’s glare.

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Youth's poetry ignites my quest, Against oppression, I protest. In Palestine's struggle, voices rise, For freedom, peace, justice, my cries.
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