Zionism and Fictitious Divine Promises: Unmasking the Dangers in Palestine

Theodor Herzl (born May 2, 1860, Budapest, Hungary, Austrian Empire [now in Hungary]—died July 3, 1904, Edlach, Austria) founder of the political form of Zionism, a movement to establish a Jewish homeland.

In the realm of beliefs and religious texts, interpreting outdated scriptures literally, either purposely or due to religious indoctrination, can lead to an exclusive mindset, a false sense of superiority, brutality justifying violence, ethnic-based discrimination, and the extreme denial of basic human rights to others. Meticulously interpreted and intolerant religious beliefs serve as instruments for committing massacres, forcibly expelling people from their land, claiming divine commands, and asserting unjustifiable superiority over others. This is the story of Zionism in Palestine. The absurdity lies in the fact that no one has spoken to God or signed a contract with Him to bestow preferential qualities upon a racial group over the rest of humanity.

Zionism and the Torah: A Divine Justification

Zionism, aiming to establish a Jewish state in historic Palestine, draws inspiration from the Torah. The concept of Amalek takes center stage, mentioned by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu during the war on Gaza in October 2023. In the Torah, Amalek is portrayed as adversaries of the Israelites, initiating a brutal attack during their alleged exodus from Egypt. Most Zionist interpretations take this story literally, viewing every land acquisition as a divine gift. This belief justifies Israel’s actions, particularly in Gaza, causing civilian casualties and making the region uninhabitable. This is not an individual belief; rather, it’s a common belief among all Israeli people. The world has witnessed this, watching Israeli Occupation Force (IOF) soldiers chanting Amalek’s song for killing children and annihilating everything in Gaza. It is implanted in the minds of kids in kindergartens and schools.

The Distorted Command: Legitimizing Brutality

The command to “utterly destroy” Amalek, found in 1 Samuel 15:3, is used to legitimize acts resembling historical conquests, resulting in the brutal elimination and ethnic cleansing of the entire Palestinian population. This allowed Jews, expelled from Europe in the early 20th century, to confiscate lands from its indigenous people. It’s crucial to recognize that many peaceful and good Jews worldwide do not interpret the Torah in this extreme manner, rejecting the entire narrative of Zionists. It predominantly represents an extremist Zionist viewpoint that rationalizes long-term objectives, putting at risk the rights and existence of Palestinians.

Living Under Superstition: A Call for Reevaluation

Living under this superstitious religious narrative demands attention from human rights advocates and intellectuals worldwide. The danger escalates when literal interpretations justify actions that blatantly violate the basic rights of others. Urgent reevaluation is needed to dispute the narrative justifying the killing of Palestinians and the illegal confiscation of their lands in this alleged secular and democratic country. It’s time to expose and end the injustice fueled by the misuse of religious interpretation.

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