Update on Gaza genocide

The most important statistics of the genocidal war waged by the “Israeli” occupation on the Gaza Strip for day 160 – Thursday, March 14, 2024

▪️ (160) days since the genocidal war.
▪️ (2,761) massacres committed by the occupation army.
▪️ (38,341) martyrs and missing persons.
▪️ (31,341) martyrs who arrived in hospitals.
▪️ (13,790) child martyrs.
▪️ (27) children were martyred as a result of famine.
▪️ (9,100) female martyrs.
▪️ (364) martyrs from medical teams.
▪️ (48) Civil Defense martyrs.
▪️ (133) martyred journalists.
▪️ (7,000) missing.
▪️ (73,134) infected.
▪️ (72%) of the victims are children and women.
▪️ (17,000) children live without their parents or one of them.
▪️ (11,000) wounded people need to travel for “life-saving and dangerous” treatment.
▪️ (10,000) cancer patients face the risk of death.
▪️ (700,000) infected with infectious diseases as a result of displacement.
▪️ (8,000) cases of viral hepatitis infection due to displacement.
▪️ (60,000) pregnant women are at risk due to lack of health care.
▪️ (350,000) chronic patients are at risk due to non-administration of medications.
▪️ (269) cases of arrest of health personnel.
▪️ (10) cases of arrest of journalists whose names are known.
▪️ (2) million displaced people in the Gaza Strip.
▪️ (166) government headquarters destroyed by the occupation.
▪️ (100) schools and universities were completely destroyed by the occupation.
▪️ (305) schools and universities partially destroyed by the occupation.
▪️ (223) Mosques completely destroyed by the occupation.
▪️ (289) mosques partially destroyed by the occupation.
▪️ (3) Churches targeted and destroyed by the occupation.
▪️ (70,000) housing units were completely destroyed by the occupation.
▪️ (290,000) housing units that were partially destroyed by the occupation and uninhabitable.
▪️ (70,000) tons of explosives dropped by the occupation on Gaza.
▪️ (32) hospitals that were taken out of service by the occupation.
▪️ (53) health centers that the occupation put out of service.
▪️ (155) health institutions targeted by the occupation.
▪️ (126) ambulances were targeted by the occupation army.
▪️ (200) archaeological and heritage sites destroyed by the occupation.


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  1. Mike says:

    Israel is evil, barbaric, and criminal country. Zionists are the enemy of humanity and everything beautiful in life. They always cry for what happened to them by Hitler, but they are now doing the same thing to Palestinians. They have been using anti-Semitic propaganda to humiliate Europeans and make them feel guilty, but these barbaric Zionists are doing more terrible things to the lives of innocent people in Palestine. Damn them!


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