The Unspoken Tragedy: Palestinian Women in Israel’s Brutal War on Gaza

In the midst of the ongoing war in Gaza conducted by the Israeli occupation forces, a stark reality unfolds — the silent suffering of Palestinian women. According to the United Nations, a staggering two-thirds of casualties in Israel’s war on Gaza are women and children. This sheds light on a deeper crisis that deserves attention from all human rights organization worldwide. The initial premise of the brutal war by the Israeli occupation forces was to dismantle Hamas, yet what unfolded was the obliteration of vast areas in the Gaza Strip, leaving tens of thousands of Palestinian civilians dead or maimed. More than 1.8 million people were forced to flee, their homes destroyed by Israeli and Western-supplied bombs.

The United Nations reveals a heart-wrenching statistic: women and children make up nearly 70% of the victims in Israel’s relentless bombardment. The challenges faced by Palestinian women living under constant attack are unimaginable. Pregnant women, numbering 50,000 in Gaza, deliver babies in miserableconditions, lacking water, painkillers, anesthesia, and electricity for incubators. Despite these hardships, Palestinian women persist in caring for their families amid this brutal war. They mix baby formula with contaminated water and go without food so their children can live another day. Fleeing Israeli bombs on foot, they face the harsh reality that there is no safe place in a conflict-ridden land.

The devastating consequences of war reach beyond physical destruction. Palestinian women are not just victims; they are the backbone of their society. This war, as brutal as it is, has highlighted the central role women play in preserving the identity and resilience of the Palestinian people. The brutal war on Gaza has been deliberately targeting the fundamentals of life in Gaza, civilians, landmarks, mosques, churches, universities, hospitals and even animals. It has affected women and children most adversely. The destruction of entire neighborhoods and the collapse of medical infrastructure disproportionately impact women and children.

It is disheartening to witness the silence from feminist movements globally and within Israel when it comes to the Palestinian women. While these movements advocate for women’s rights and equality, the omission of Palestinian women’s struggles raises questions about the universality of their principles. The selective silence of feminist movements in the face of the suffering of Palestinian women raises concerns about the consistency of their advocacy. It prompts reflection on whether the principles of justice and equality are applied universally or if there are exceptions based on political affiliations or ethnicities, which seems the case!

Moving ahead, it is imperative for the global community to acknowledge the pressing necessity for an immediate ceasefire. Halting this brutal war on Gazans promptly can bring much-needed relief to the Palestinian people, particularly women and children, who are facing unprecedented challenges. As the world observes the profound crisis in Gaza, it becomes paramount to amplify the voices of Palestinian women.

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