The Brutal Reality of Palestinian Incarceration in Israeli Hands

Ongoing harrowing accounts emerge from Palestinians held captive in Israeli detention facilities and prisons, detailing fatalities due to beatings and medical negligence, widespread torture, and harsh, degrading treatment. These dire conditions, while not novel, are deteriorating.

Israel doubles number of Palestinian prisoners to 9000 in two weeks including over 300 women and 200 children. Since October 7 ,  1,070 people who have been arrested are being transferred to administrative detention. 

Nearly 40% of Palestinian political detainees remain uncharged, with many facing accusations related to political or civil expressions, or breaches of unjust apartheid laws. Those subjected to trials encounter an astonishing conviction rate exceeding 99% in military tribunals structured to shield Israel from accountability for war crimes.

Israel’s unlawful, colonial apparatus of administrative detention, military tribunals, and mass imprisonment forms the bedrock of the apartheid regime imposed on Palestinians. The reluctance to scrutinize and denounce this structure, along with the broader political context it reinforces, underscores the entrenched dehumanization and erasure of Palestinians within the international framework.

The realities of Gaza and Israeli penitentiaries epitomize a wider colonial framework of brutality, ultimately leading towards genocide.

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