Israel’s Barbaric Atrocities: 66,000 Tons of Explosives, Equivalent to Over 4 Hiroshima Nuclear Bombs

Isaac Herzog , Israeli president writing a message on a bomb that was dropped on Gazans

The Gaza Strip has been subjected to a relentless assault by the Israeli occupation military, with more than 45,000 missiles and bombs weighing over 66,000 tons of explosives. The Israeli occupation forces deliberately targeted residential areas with enormous bombs during the ongoing barbaric war on Gaza, comparing the weight of the explosives to more than four nuclear bombs similar to those dropped on Hiroshima, Japan.

It has been approximated that two-thirds of the bombs and missiles dropped by Israeli planes on Gaza were unguided and imprecise, commonly referred to as “dumb bombs.” This intentional use of indiscriminate force constitutes a clear and explicit violation of international law and various international agreements. The use of prohibited international munitions, including the “bunker-busting” bombs such as (BLU-113) and (BLU-109), the American (GBU-28) GPS-guided bomb designed for infrastructure destruction, white phosphorus, unguided bombs, smart bombs, and the prohibited Halberd missiles.

These munitions have caused widespread casualties and injuries within seconds, leading to long-term damage such as deformities and disabilities among the victims. Additionally, there are environmental risks associated with the release of toxic radiation resulting from the use of such weaponry. The brutal Israeli war on Gaza has resulted in over 28,000 deaths and more than 68,000 injuries, mostly affecting children and women.

The region has witnessed extensive infrastructure destruction and an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophes caused by deliberate starvation of more than 2.4 million civilians as reported by local authorities and the United Nations.



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