We believe that establishing international peace and justice is only possible through international law. We reject double standards and international law must apply to everyone. The credibility of international law depends on the court’s decision and opinion.

Israel is doing confirms that the situation in Palestine is the greatest threat to international security.The court must consider the repercussions of Israel’s practices. The Israeli occupation must stop. Israel’s illegal practices are not a coincidence. The court has jurisdiction and there is no reason to refuse to present its opinion.

Israel has obstructed all peaceful solutions and continues to occupy Palestinian Territories. The Israeli occupation is illegal. Israel is pursuing an apartheid policy with regard to its settlement project. Israel’s practices are a flagrant violation of international humanitarian law.

The basis of the Israeli project is settlement and the imposition of settlers on the occupied territories. The war in Gaza was exploited to cover settlement activities in Jerusalem and the West Bank

The situation in Gaza is related to the work of the court. The court’s powers are consistent with the situation in Gaza even before October 7. The situation in the West Bank is no less bad than the situation in Gaza. Israel divides the Palestinians, isolates them, and hinders their movements and daily activities

Israel has been isolating the residents of Gaza from the world since 2007. Israel imposed an inspection regime to which thousands of Palestinians are subjected daily. Israel imposes an unprecedented siege on all residents of the West Bank

Settlers, with the support of the state, practice violence against the Palestinians. The court cannot ignore the worsening situation in the Gaza Strip. Israel targets Palestinians in the West Bank with planes and missiles. Israel’s use of violence in the West Bank has expanded since October 7. Israel is pursuing everyone who calls for its accountability, including journalists.The Israeli occupation is illegal and illegitimate

Israel has violated many basic laws and principles. Israel violates the Palestinians’ right to self-determination and pursues a policy of apartheid. The Israeli occupation is illegal because it is based on the use of force. The Israeli occupation is illegal because the annexation of lands by force violates international treaties. We support all arguments that confirm that the Israeli occupation is illegal

It is the court’s duty to take into account all opinions that consider the Israeli occupation illegal. The Israeli occupation is illegal and based on apartheid. Ending the apartheid regime requires creating a situation that gives the Palestinians their rights


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