Palestinian NGO Condemns Unacceptable Backing for Genocide in Palestine

Unacceptable Backing for Genocide in Palestine
Palestinian civil society vehemently condemns, in the strongest terms, the actions of many western governments for their disgraceful and unwavering support that has not only enabled but emboldened Israel’s relentless aggression against the Palestinian people. This support represents a reprehensible complicity in the genocide and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people, along with the persistent violations of international law perpetrated by Israel.
The unrelenting campaign of collective punishment, genocide, and ethnic cleansing perpetrated by Israel, fueled by this support, leaves a stain on the conscience of these governments. The human suffering, particularly that of innocent children and women who bear the brunt of this aggression, is of immeasurable magnitude and demands immediate acknowledgment and repair.
These governments must confront the moral bankruptcy of their policies and bear the weight of shame for their active involvement in war crimes. Refusal to take up this responsibility directly contributes to the suffering of the Palestinian people and grants Israel total impunity, while undermining accountability to international law.
Just three days ago, a hospital in Gaza, a sanctuary of healing, was ruthlessly bombed, with innocent people seeking refuge within its walls. The world watched in horror as these places of safety became targets of destruction.
The prolonged silence and passivity of the international community amount to a colossal global moral failure. How long will the world continue to ignore this suffering and remain passive in the face of such immense human tragedy?
This all being put into context; Palestinian civil society demands the governments in question to take the following actions:

  • Acknowledge that ending the Israeli occupation is the root cause of the calamities and catastrophes that have befallen the Palestinian people for more than seven decades, including the ongoing conflict.
    Palestinians are not mere statistics; they are living, breathing human beings with hopes, dreams, and families. Their lives matter, and their suffering is beyond measure. The world must break free from the chains of indifference and act with unwavering determination to halt indiscriminate violence, protect the lives of innocent civilians, and put an end to this catastrophe. It is high time for the world to unite and declare that Palestinian lives are not expendable; they are invaluable and deserving of the same protection and compassion as any other lives on this planet.
  • Pressure Israel to immediately cease its aggression against our people in the Gaza Strip and allow the unconditional flow of humanitarian aid.
  • Immediately cease their unconditional political and military support for the Israeli military, which is accountable for the killing, maiming, and displacement of over a million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. Failure to do so may result in legal consequences under international law and cast a shadow on their image as “guardians of human rights.”


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