Malaysia told the ICJ that Israel “must withdraw immediately from the Occupied Palestinian Territory”.

“Second, Israel must offer assurances and guarantees of non-repetition and third, Israel is under obligation to offer full reparations – annulment or repeal of all offending legislative and regulatory measures it has adopted for the [occupied Palestinian Territories],” he said. “Israel must also offer compensation for all the material and moral damage caused by the breach of the Palestinian people’s right to self-determination,” he added. Malaysia’s representative also said: As I speak, Gaza is facing devastation … The West Bank is also at risk.

Safeguarding Palestine from destruction is crucial, especially in light of Israel’s non-compliance with the provisional measures of this court.

The Palestinian people have long suffered dehumanisation, demonisation, brutal collective punishment. They have endured and are still enduring the denial of their right to self-determination due to the policies and practices of Israel in the OPT. It is incumbent of each of us to do our part in ending their decades-long suffering.

With the firm belief in this court’s rule, as the custodian of the international law, we remain confident that justice and peace will prevail for the Palestinian people.

Israel’s transfer of settlers to the OPT constitutes a war crime. Israel’s policies and practices which aim to change the demographic composition of the OPT, along with the creation of enclaves and demolition of the Palestinian homes, limitation of their freedom of movement, including the blockade and siege of the Gaza Strip, constitute violations of international humanitarian law and the international human rights law.


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