In the wake of the recent war in Gaza, our culinary endeavors, particularly in crafting and sharing traditional Palestinian dishes like Maqluba, represent a consciou effort to contribute to the preservation and resilience of Palestinian culture. In a time when cultural heritage is under threat, preparing and enjoying these time-honored recipes becomes more than a mere culinary activity; it transforms into a deliberate act of cultural continuity and solidarity. 

The name “maqlouba” literally means “upside down” in Arabic. And this is the particularity of this Palestinian dish! Inimitable, this dish consists in assembling the ingredients upside down, then turning the whole thing upside down at the time of serving. Eggplant, fried onions, potatoes, rice, and lamb form, one after the other, magnificent layers where the aromas are released and harmonize.

A tasty dish, whose recipe has spread to Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan in different versions. The ingredients can vary and the order of the layers can be improvised. Whatever, maqlouba lets your creativity do the talking!

Watch how to do Makluba


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