Israeli Occupation Force: Thieves Of Human Lives And Money

Amidst the war crimes in Gaza, disturbing reports have surfaced, shedding light on the illicit and morally reprehensible activities of the Israeli occupation forces (IOF). Over the last three months, an estimated $25 million in money and gold artifacts have been unlawfully stolen by Israeli soldiers. The looting has extended beyond the looting of Gazans’ homes, reaching appalling incidents at checkpoints, particularly on Salah Al-Din Street. At these locations, Gazans have been forcibly stripped of their valuable possessions, as recounted by numerous testimonies that depict a blatant disregard for ethical standards.

Even homes evacuated under orders were not spared from these despicable actions, with Israeli soldiers shamelessly capturing souvenir photos and videos of their crimes, further intensifying the anguish of the affected Gazans. The gravity of these actions has been underscored by the Media Office in Gaza, citing documented cases in Israeli newspapers and labeling these actions as a systematic theft of the money belonging to the people of Gaza.

These unethical and deplorable actions not only lay bare the criminal mentality and moral decay of the Israeli occupation but also constitute a blatant violation of international laws governing the conduct of armed forces. The depth of moral failure inherent in these acts of looting, particularly from displaced and vulnerable populations, starkly contradicts the principles of humanitarianism and the protection of civilians in times of conflict.

As the international community closely scrutinizes these developments, there is a growing demand for an impartial investigation into these unconscionable actions. This condemnable behavior warrants global attention, and the perpetrators must be held accountable for their egregious transgressions against the people of Gaza.



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  1. Tom says:

    Thanks for shedding light on this brutality and criminal mindset of the IOF. They think that they can do anything without accountability because the USA is backing them, and they believe they are above the law. Hopefully, the ICJ will soon take action against them. Everyone has now seen their true nature, and no amount of polishing can restore their image.


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