Israeli General’s Son (Miko Peled) Urges Reevaluation Amidst Gaza Genocide

Miko Peled, a well-known Israeli-American activist humanrights activist and author hailing from an Israeli military family, has sparked debate with his candid discussion about the ongoing brutal war on Gaza conducted by Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF). Advocating for significant changes both in Israel and globally, Peled’s viewpoints have drawn attention to the urgent need for addressing the crisis in a more profound manner.

Peled asserts that the situation in Israel is deteriorating rapidly, going as far as to label it as the “beginning of the end” for the nation. He emphasizes the importance of transparency regarding the reality of the catastrophic situation in Gaza, highlighting the severity of the ongoing war.

Rather than advocating for minor adjustments, Peled stresses the necessity of comprehensive, transformative changes in societal attitudes and behaviors to address the root causes of the problems effectively. Expressing dissatisfaction with Israel’s leadership, particularly Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Peled criticizes their endorsement of aggressive measures against Gaza and their perceived lack of efforts to halt the violence. Peled also condemns Jared Kushner’s suggestion of demolishing Palestinian homes for financial gain, drawing parallels between this proposal and historical atrocities committed by the Nazis.

Peled scrutinizes the response of the United States to the crisis. He contends that the U.S. should play a more proactive role in ending the violence and advocating for justice for Palestinians.He envisions a world where fairness prevails and the rights of Palestinians are upheld.


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