Innocent Children, Not Human Shields: Unmasking Lies in Gaza’s Tale and Apartheid Apologists

There are heartless individuals who still dare to publicly disclose no respect or sympathy for the death of thousands of innocent Palestinian children and describe them as ‘human shields’ and ‘collateral damage’. 
Our beautiful kids are human beings, who love peace and life and had dreams for their future, but were heinously and deliberately destroyed by Israeli occupation soldiers to fulfil sick zionist dream of ancient script  of genocide and ethnic cleansing. 
For the sake of Palestinian and Jewish generations, let’s  stand together to stop the Apartheid’s  aggression and it’s ongoing genocide on Gaza’s people .  

In the heartless narrative, Gaza echoes with sorrow,
Thousands of innocent Palestinian children, deliberate pain to borrow.
Killed by Israel's callous hand, not shields but souls,
A foundation of lies and genocide, where empathy loses control.

Illegal occupation upheld by deceit since Israel's inception,
Apartheid and terror woven into its grim perception.
A call for dismantling, for coexistence, rights, and shared duty,
Equal footing for two peoples in a quest for unity.

Zionist sympathy, anchored in claims of ancient lore,
Justifies slaughtering innocents, an unsettling score.
In the face of twisted facts and media's deceptive dance,
A world recoils from falsehoods, yearning for a chance.

Israel, an occupier with no rightful defense in sight,
Yet claims protection while violating international right.
Oppressed souls granted the right to stand,
Against the oppressor's might, upheld by justice's hand.

Imagine life under occupation's relentless strain,
Deprived, treated like an animal, an unimaginable bane.
Would you, in such plight, champion the oppressor's cause?
Or stand by the side of the oppressed, embracing just laws?

Be a beacon of humanity, see beyond the lies,
In this conflict's tumult, where empathy never dies.
Shame upon those who defend stolen lands and deceit,
Apartheid apologists, child killers, their cries of victimhood, incomplete.

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Youth's poetry ignites my quest, Against oppression, I protest. In Palestine's struggle, voices rise, For freedom, peace, justice, my cries.
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