In Solidarity with Palestinian Women this International Women’s Day

Ghiwa Nakat

March 8, 2024 

As the world celebrates International Women’s Day, I cannot help but think of the women and girls in Gaza recognizing the brutal reality they constantly face. While progress toward gender equality is celebrated across the world, the persistent hardships of Palestinian women are yet to be recognized.

In Gaza, where war persists, Palestinian women bear a disproportionate burden, termed by UN Women as a “war on women” with devastating consequences. An estimated 9,000 women have tragically been killed by Israeli forces since the war began nearly five months ago. Yet, even these numbers likely underestimate the true toll, as many more women are feared dead beneath the rubble.

Women and girls in Palestine and Gaza are caught in a relentless nightmare, where violence and destruction are everyday companions. Picture waking up every morning not knowing whether it may be your last or how many loved ones you will lose today. This is the reality for women and girls in Gaza, where every breath is a fight and every move is loaded with risk.

In Gaza, women tirelessly navigate the challenges of a harsh blockade, striving to provide food and shelter for their children while airstrikes decimate their surroundings. According to UN experts Palestinian women and girls have been arbitrarily executed and they have expressed serious concerns about reports of Palestinian women and girls facing sexual violence and assault including “credible” allegations of rape in Israeli detention.

Their stories are filled with both bravery and sadness as they demand respect and attention in a world that frequently ignores their struggles and their rights. Unfortunately, the Israeli attacks have not only taken the lives of thousands of women and girls, but destroyed the promising futures and dreams of many more like Al-Shaima Saidam, Palestine’s top high school student or journalist Salam Mema, head of the Women Journalists Committee at the Palestinian Media Assembly, who tirelessly shared Gaza’s story with the world.

During the past 5 months of war, women from Gaza have inspired us in many ways with their courage, faith and attachment to their land and families. From the brave journalists like Bisan Owdeh, Hind Al-Khoudary and Plestia Alaqad, who documented the harrowing realities of the war on Gaza to Dr. Mona el Farra, the human rights and women’s rights activist and Dr. Ameera Al Assouli who fearlessly risked her life to rescue the wounded.

Palestinian women are brave, powerful, loving, intelligent and resilient. They deserve peace, justice and living with dignity to thrive. On this international women’s day we should all stand in solidarity with Palestinian women who are striving for peace, freedom and justice inviting us all to restore humanity.
We must unite in solidarity with all women and girls suffering the harsh impacts of brutal conflicts around the world. True justice demands recognition of their compound struggles.

On this day in particular, and every day that follows, please help raise their voices, recognize their struggles, appreciate their strength, and advocate for their rights and amplify their call for immediate permanent ceasefire now!


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