Hollywood Actor, John Cusak’s opinion on Gaza war

I know what cannot be said is always what must be said …
The essays I wrote
with the great Arundhati Roy address the issue at length ⬇️


When the west was foaming at the mouth ready to obliterate Afghanistan and then Iraq , most were cowed & stayed silent – but you , Bernie , Barbara Lee, and a few others – took to the podiums in the face of hysteria and venom, or alone in empty chambers – and you spoke truth to power. And that (of course) is what makes yr voices prophetic.
When the slaughter started – I didn’t have to guess yr position – I knew what it would it would be – because you have been morally consistent over the years.
Not to say anyone is always right in everything they say and do – but we know justice is for all or its meaningless-
I bring to yr attention Dan Berrigans prophetic warning from 1973 –
Radical in its honesty – it speaks to our reality now –

  • as Dan always said “ tell people what they need to hear not what they want to hear “ mondoweiss.net/2016/09/berrig…

There is no moral justification for answering Hamas war crimes – with these Israelis war crimes .

The BIG lie –
The safety and security of a people can only be achieved through the extinction of another people.

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