Halima Al-Kaswani : A Living Legend at 85

Embrace the enchanting journey of the timeless Palestinian anthem, “Shadu Ba’dakum Ya Ahl Filistin,” revived by the 85-year-old living legend, Halima Al-Kaswani (حليمة الكسواني). Her melodic resurgence captivated hearts in 2022, echoing the spirit of a resilient life. This simple song has been revived and resonated even further in the heart of Palestinians during the savage war on Gaza in October 2023.

Born in 1938, Halima witnessed the Palestinian catastrophe in 1948, finding refuge in Jordan’s Zarka camp since 1961. Rooted in a rural family in Jerusalem, her early years unfolded amidst the challenges of displacement.

Halima’s journey reflects the struggle of her family during the refugee years, navigating through Jordan’s ceasefires. Settling in the Zarka camp post-marriage, she devoted 25 years to distributing aid for Palestinian refugees through UNRWA.

A symbol of resilience, Halima proudly preserves her Palestinian identity, adorned in traditional attire. Amidst occupation, she remains unwavering, expressing defiance through soul-stirring melodies. Her rendition of “ShaduBa’dakum Ya Ahl Filistin” resonates, encapsulating the collective longing for Palestine. Halima Al-Kaswani, an embodiment of strength, continues to inspire with her enduring spirit and captivating voice.

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