Exposing the Racist Poets who Support Genocides and Apartheid

There are heartless ‘poets’ on  allpoetry platform who had shamelessly  expressed white supremacy, racism of being Islamophobic and anti-Muslim, anti -Arab and anti-Palestinian. They also expressed their opinion of not feeling sorry for the death of thousands of innocent Palestinians who were killed by Israeli airstrikes  in Gaza.

Ink stained, a 'poet' bereft of heart,
Unleashing venomous verse, a masterful art.
White supremacy and racism, a venomous brew,
Islamophobia, anti-Muslim, a distorted view.
Contempt for Arabs, Palestinians, laid bare,
A paucity of empathy, innocence in despair.
Labeled 'human shields,' a callous guise,
Denying the agony in innocent eyes.

Patrons of child killers, proudly they stand,
Championing actions none can comprehend.
Anger surges as truths are laid bare,
In poems that demand justice with fervent flair.
Apartheid's thievery, a nation's soul defiled,
The oppressor's narrative, spoken with guile.
Hypocrites weave verses with deceptive grace,
Preaching tolerance, veiling lies to embrace.

Profile pictures with grandchildren, a façade,
Harboring views that lack all moral ode.
"Don't teach racism," a plea, scorned and defied,
Ignoring tears of the innocent, left undenied.
Genocide's truth, a script darkly spun,
A plea to conscience, a vital war drum.
Support humanity, transcend partisan pride,
Stand with the oppressed, justice as your guide.

In the echoes of history, apartheid's collapse,
South Africa's tale, the time for Israel’s apartheid end perhaps.
Listen to the tale of a child so young,
Life stolen, a melody left unsung.
Socks purchased with love, a grandfather's care,
Worn before burial, a poignant layer.
Yet, some cling to views, twisted and bold,
Referring to 'savages' in stories told.

Does humanity persist, a plea profound,
Or does discourse with callous fools resound?
Wasting time in futile argument's refrain,
For a spark of empathy, a torrent of humane.

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Youth's poetry ignites my quest, Against oppression, I protest. In Palestine's struggle, voices rise, For freedom, peace, justice, my cries.
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