Euro-Med: 13 children were executed in and near Al-Shifa Hospital

Wednesday 27-March-2024


The Israeli army has executed thirteen children by direct shooting in the Shifa Medical Complex and its environs in Gaza City, the Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor revealed in a statement issued Tuesday.

This is a war crime and a crime against humanity that is part of the genocide that the Palestinian people have been living through in the Gaza Strip for the past six months, the statement reads.

According to the Euro-Med, the Israeli army has been conducting for over a week systematic and horrifying military operations inside and around Al-Shifa Hospital.

“These crimes include extrajudicial executions and deliberate killings of Palestinian civilians.”

The Euro-Med field team received identical testimonies about the killings and executions of Palestinian children between the ages of 4 and 16.

Some of the casualties occurred during an Israeli army siege while their families were inside their homes, and others occurred when the victims attempted to escape down routes that the Israeli army had predetermined after being forcibly evacuated from their homes and places of residence.

Living close to Al-Shifa Hospital, Palestinian Islam Ali Salouha told Euro-Med that Israeli forces killed his son Ali, 9, and Saeed Muhammad Sheikha, 6, in front of their families and fellow locals. They had targeted them specifically with live bullets.

Euro-Med draws attention to the need to protect Palestinian children, who are more vulnerable to the ongoing Israeli crimes in the Gaza Strip and who are no longer afforded any protection under international law.

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