Concentration camps in occupied Palestine 

Gaza Strip and West Bank are occupied regions by Israel with isolated cities and towns that are fulfilling the definition  of concentration camps. 

In Gaza’s heart, where hopes aspire,
Occupied lands, where dreams catch fire.
A tale of struggle, a story to unveil,
In West Bank’s echoes, an urgent tale.

Isolated towns, where courage stands,
Concentration camps on distant sands.
Resources scant, a plea for light,
Humiliation’s darkness, we must fight.

Palestinian spirits, resilience strong,
In the crucible of pain, they belong.
Beaten, tortured, under a cold moon,
At checkpoints, their courage is a tune.

Illegal settlers, shadows on the stage,
IOF’s gaze, a world engages.
Through injustice’s storm, a common goal,
For Palestinian souls, a shared soul.

Homes invaded, dreams cast aside,
Confiscation’s toll, a world can’t hide.
Demolished by forces, a stark truth unfolds,
IOF’s hammer, where compassion molds.

Farms ablaze, olive trees in pain,
Shops in ruins, echoes of disdain.
Illegal settlers, a challenge to erase,
Protected by silence, a shared disgrace.

Perpetrators lurking, shadows of despair,
Apartheid’s dance, a burden to bear.
Two laws entwined, we must redefine,
One for justice, a shared design.

In the face of wrongs, a united roar,
Speak against silence, let empathy soar.
No to apartheid, let compassion explore,
In the ballad of justice, let Western hearts implore.

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Youth's poetry ignites my quest, Against oppression, I protest. In Palestine's struggle, voices rise, For freedom, peace, justice, my cries.
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