Civil Servants From US, EU Pen Anonymous Letter Decrying Support For Israeli Op In Gaza

2 Feb 2024, 5:03 pm

A group of civil servants from the United States and EU member nations releases an unsigned letter declaring their governments’ policies concerning the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza are “wrong.”

The letter, which The New York Times says has over 800 supporters, complains that concerns the officials privately expressed “were overruled by political and ideological considerations” and they therefore “are obliged to do everything in our power on behalf of our countries and ourselves to not be complicit in one of the worst human catastrophes of this century.”

The missive goes on to accuse Israel of showing “no boundaries in its military operations in Gaza” and ignoring “all important counterterrorism expertise gained since 9/11.”Science DoseKeep Watching.

The letter’s supporters call to hold Israel “accountable to international humanitarian and human rights standards applied elsewhere,” and to “use all leverage available — including a halt to military support — to secure a lasting ceasefire and full humanitarian access in Gaza and a safe release of all hostages.”

“Develop a strategy for lasting peace that includes a secure Palestinian state and guarantees for Israel’s security, so that an attack like 7 October and an offensive on Gaza never happen again,” they add.

According to the letter, the officials that endorsed it hail from 12 different countries and EU institutions.

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