America’s Role in Enabling Israeli Terrorism in Palestine 

Voice of Palestine, 31/03/24

In recent years, the United States has garnered criticism for its seemingly unlimited support of violence abroad. From providing licenses for lethal weaponry to extending taxpayer-funded loans, America’s involvement in global conflicts has raised significant ethical concerns.

One of the most troubling aspects is the free pass America seems to give to certain actors like illegal Israeli occupation , shielding them from international scrutiny and accountability. This is evident in its use of the veto power within the United Nations Security Council, effectively protecting illegal occupation accused of deliberate starvation of Gaza population, genocide and ethnic cleansing.

The American PR machine works tirelessly to deceit  public perception, often twisting the truth to justify its actions or shield its criminal allies from condemnation. This manipulation of information further complicates efforts to hold Israeli perpetrators accountable and seek justice for Palestinians.

Perhaps most concerning is the free license America grants to Israeli occupation leaders allowing them to perpetrate violence with impunity. This has led to accusations of complicity in acts of genocide, ethnic cleansing, and other atrocities.

Moreover, American taxpayers unknowingly contribute to this cycle of violence through loans and financial support provided to Israel engaged in continuous atrocities against Palestinians. This raises serious questions about the ethical implications of using public funds to fuel warfare and bloodshed.

Despite calls for accountability and justice, America continues to wield its power to protect those accused of egregious human rights violations. This unchecked authority not only undermines efforts to promote peace and stability but also perpetuates a cycle of violence and suffering in regions around the world.

As the global community grapples with these issues, it is essential to confront the uncomfortable truth about America’s role in enabling Israeli terrorism in Palestine. Only by acknowledging and addressing these systemic failures can we hope to build a more just and peaceful world for future Palestinian generations.


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