A List Of Journalists Supporting Israel’s War On Gaza

by Davide Mastracci, but the figures have been updated by Admin

A variety of Canadian columnists, editorial boards, panellists and hosts have called for and/or supported Israel’s brutal actions.

October 13, 2023 ∙

A List Of Journalists Supporting Israel’s War On Gaza
Photo via State of Palestine – MFA on Twitter.

Since Israel’s latest bombing of Gaza began in October 2023, Israel has:

  • Killed more than 23000 Palestinians, including at least 10000 children 
  • Injured more than 60000 Palestinians
  • Enforced a siege on Gaza that has included cutting off food, water and electricity
  • Caused more than 2 million Gazans to flee their homes
  • Used white phosphorus on Gazans repeatedly

Israel’s operation has won support — both before it kicked off and since — from a range of media columnists, editorial boards, hosts and panellists in Canada. I’ve compiled the names of these media figures, as well as their positions and relevant quotes from them. In order to qualify, the person in question must have gone beyond merely claiming Israel has ‘a right to defend itself.’ 

Conrad Black

  • Position: National Post columnist
  • Quote: “While one may hope, and we may probably be confident, that Israel will avoid unnecessary collateral damage to apparently unoffending people in Gaza, Israel has a blank cheque and an entire justification to enact its own permanent solution to those who would murder all the Jews.”
  • Source: National Post
  • Date: October 14

Andrew Coyne

  • Position: Globe and Mail columnist
  • Quote: “The people we are fighting now are not interested in debating us. They do not want to compete with us, to compare their merits and demerits with our own. They want to destroy us. So the atrocities in Israel are a watershed moment, as 9/11 was – a test of our ability, not just to reason clearly about fundamental moral questions, but to stand up for ourselves: to understand the moral case for the West, and to act on that conviction.”
  • Source: The Globe and Mail
  • Date: October 12

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