A ‘Free Palestine’ Sticker is a New Crime!

A seventeen-year-old young man was arrested by the British police in Manchester  during a pro-Palestinian marsh which took place against the ongoing Gaza genocide. The teenager was accused of pasting a  a ‘Free Palestine’ sticker on the M&S shop that support the Israeli settlements. Luckily, and  thanks to  the crowd’s pressure on the police, the teenager was released after 1.5h of detention. This had confirmed the double standards and hypocrisy in dealing with Palestinian plight. 

Values entwine, shadows align,
Media narratives in a complex design.
Occupation’s grip, brutal might,
Palestinian struggle, call for what’s right.

Genocide’s specter, protests unfold,
Hospital bombings, a tale untold.
Boycotts debated, dreams shattered,
Silence on Gaza’s agony, lives scattered.

Homes obliterated, infants’ cries,
Prisons’ torment, relentless craze.
Gaza’s zoo tragedy, sorrowful tale,
In a world where values entwine, compassion’s fierce line.

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Youth's poetry ignites my quest, Against oppression, I protest. In Palestine's struggle, voices rise, For freedom, peace, justice, my cries.
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