Why is the Israeli Occupation Deliberately Targeting Palestinian Students?

Approximately 66,000 Palestinian students returned to Israeli universities on December 31 after a delayed academic year due to the Gaza war. However, they encounter a hostile environment, with continuous incitement against Arab and Palestinian citizens. A poll by the Joint Coalition of Student Blocs reveals deep mistrust, as 76% distrust university administrations, and over 87% feel their security is compromised. Palestinian students face suspension, police investigations, and arrests for expressing their views. Academic institutions, including the University of Haifa, are accused of cooperating with authorities. Adalah, a legal NGO promoting Palestinian rights in Israel, has reported 251 cases of arrests, investigations, and interrogations of students, with social media posts and demonstrations being key triggers. Despite historical obstacles, the number of Palestinian students in Israeli institutions surpassed 60,000 in 2021, constituting 19% of the total student population.

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