In Handala’s Playground: Season 1, Episode 1.  Human & Animal 

Handala: Salam Ali! Welcome to my playground. What happened?

Ali: I was shot in the chest by the IOF while playing with my friends in Gaza. Who are you, and how do you know my name?

Handala: I’m the child with a turned-back posture and clasped  hands. You’ve seen me on the wall, right?

Ali: Oh, yeah, you’re Handala. Are you really alive and can speak?

Handala: That’s right. I’m 10 years old. I assume you’re 8?

Ali: Yes, but why do you keep turning your back? Can’t you show me your face?

Handala: I was made like this, and perhaps that’s how I’ll stay, I guess.

Ali: But you can look me in the eyes now, can’t you?

Handala: Sorry, I can’t.

Ali: That’s fine. Let’s talk about your clothes. Why do you still wear ragged clothes?

Handala: I guess as a symbol of allegiance to poor people.

Ali: I grew up in a poor concentration camp and had a dream to become a journalist like my dad.

Handala: Interesting! Tell me about your dad.

Ali: He worked with Al Jazeera TV and was shot in the head too. My mom raised me and my 9 other siblings, but they were all killed when a bomb dropped on our house. There were 26 people inside.

Handala: It’s heartbreaking to hear that. Were you in the house when the bomb dropped?

Ali: No, I was out queuing to buy some bread from the bakery.

Handala: I see. You were lucky!

Ali: Yeah, perhaps just for a few days.

Handala: Let’s forget about death and play a game?

Ali: Sure, what game?

Handala: How about “Human and Animal”? Tell me more about yourself , and I’ll explain how to play.

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